Wilfrid Laurier University was looking for a more efficient way for its recruiters to collect students’ information at the events.

All the Laurier recruiters were already carrying iPads to the events. Developing iPad application was an obvious choice. The tablet app offered seamless and friendly format for interested students to input their contact information as well as find useful information about the application process and university.

We worked closely with the Laurier team to make sure that the output format is compatible with CRM system currently used.

After successful launch of the app, it was decided to expand the application to make it more useful for international students applying to Laurier. To accommodate the international users, it was decided to develop Android tablet application along with the iPad app.


The team was very passionate about bringing the best possible experience to the users. Many variations of the navigation were considered. To test different navigation patterns interactive prototype was created to help with the testing different ideas.

There were many moving components in the project. The content was not finalized until later stages of the project. Another challenge was to make sure that the app design was in the line with the website which was undergoing the redesign at the same time. To achieve the symmetry, we approached the design process same way as development and used agile approach. We also tried to delay major design decisions as long as we could. This allowed us to quickly react to changes and saved a lot of time down the road so we could meet the budget.

After multiple iterations


One of the main requirements for the project was to learn how users interact with the app and what information they find the most useful.